Forensic Engineering


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Panattoni Development Company is one of the largest privately owned industrial real estate developers in North America. The company develops commercial buildings and leases or sells them to businesses. Most of the business that occupy these structures  use them as distribution centers for their products ranging from food to furniture and auto parts.

Panattoni contracted Stellar Construction to construct 32 commercial warehouse structures across northwest Washington and central Oregon. The buildings featured wood roof diaphragms and concrete or masonry exterior/perimeter walls. During the re-roofing of one of the warehouse structures, repetitive loading from a heavy cart hauling materials across the roof caused a 2×4 wood roof joist to fall from the ceiling. As a result, Panattoni retained a consultant to review the roof framing at 32 separate buildings to analyze and determine the extent of any defective conditions. Cannon was retained by Stellar Structures to review the testing and observations by Panattoni’s consultant, develop a criteria for when a defective condition may exist, and develop a plan for resolution of the conditions.

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Forensic Engineering