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The District completed constructing the 1 MGD Tapo Canyon Water Treatment Plant (TCWTP), to replace an existing damaged treatment plant. The Plant was designed to produce up to 1 MGD of potable groundwater for the District’s 1355 Pressure Zone to improve reliability of the District’s water supply.

To increase reliability of the water supplying the TCWTP, Cannon was retained to design a new well and rehabilitate the existing Well No. 31 located in the Gillibrand Basin in Tapo Canyon. Cannon provided engineering design services to construct, design, and equip a new well as a backup supply source for the two existing wells located north of the intersection of Bennett Road and Middle Ridge Fire Road. The new well included drilling, well casing, gravel pack, sanitary seal, pump and motor, well discharge piping, mechanical and electrical equipment, and piping to convey well water to the existing treatment plant.

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