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The Cove is a residential subdivision consisting of 51 residential units within a private development in Paso Robles, California. Cannon played an integral role in the design and construction phases of the project through its relationship with both the developer and City of Paso Robles (City) staff.

Cannon worked with the developer to prepare construction documents. Initially, Cannon provided an analysis of the Tentative Map and preliminary design documents; then coordinated with City staff regarding modifications of the site layout to accommodate low impact development (LID) features not included in the preliminary designs. LID features included: hydromodification of adjacent flows by rerouting off-site flow onto the subject property and allowing for treatment in on-site bioswales before releasing into the City drainage system; treatment of on-site flows in bioswales; individual lot drainage flows; and pervious surface paving.

Cannon also coordinated with the City on our client’s behalf to clarify and reduce, where possible, our client’s involvement in off-site improvements. Coordination with the project architect was required regarding building designs to incorporate raised porches and stairs as a result of changes in grading and access. Project design included the development of a site grading plan that balanced the site; design of on-site sewer, water, and storm drainage facilities; coordination of dry utilities to serve the new residences; the relocation of existing overhead phone, cable, and power lines; and development of off-site improvement plans to address access to the site and modifications to an adjacent intersection configuration.

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Paso Robles, California

Residential Development