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Six underground fuel storage tanks were removed from the Plant 42 test facility outside of Edwards Air Force Base.  The project consisted of removing six underground fuel storage tanks ranging from 1000 gallons to 30,000 gallons and replacing them with above ground tanks ranging from 1000 gallons to 50,000 gallons.  The tanks are located at three different sites and hold diesel, unleaded gasoline, or JP-5 fuel.  They are used for three processes:  fleet vehicle loading, diesel storage tank for the generator, and jet fuel loading.  As a result of placing the new tanks above ground, the project included replacement of process piping and an upgrade to the controls.  The final plans included civil, structural, mechanical, and Instrumentation and electrical design components all provided by Cannon.

 At one site, an existing ground vehicle fleet fueling facility was replaced with an entirely new facility nearby.  The project scope included removing the existing equipment, clearing the site, bringing it back to grade, and finishing surfaces.  The replacement facility included double-walled aboveground fuel storage tanks, fuel dispensers, interconnecting piping, shade canopies, specialized fuel system instrumentation and controls, electrical equipment and supply, and site finishes.  The design package included demolition and construction drawings, detailed equipment specifications, and an estimate of construction costs.

At the most complex site, an aviation fueling area, the existing underground tanks and associated equipment and piping needed to be removed.  This necessitated a full redesign of the area, beginning with a process analysis and operational optimization.  The facility design included new tanks, pumps, equipment foundations, piping, ancillary systems, instrumentation, PLC control, electrical supply, and site finishes.  The redesign incorporated many improvements in operations and maintenance access and ergonomics.  The design package included demolition and construction drawings, detailed equipment specifications, and an estimate of construction costs.

All installations were designed to meet the U. S. Department of Defense Whole Building Design Guide requirements.

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Plant 42, Palmdale, California

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