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Aerospace / Defense

Aerospace / Defense


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As a space and missile testing base, Vandenberg Air Force Base is home to the 30th Space Wing and the 14th Air Force. Over the past three decades, Cannon has provided civil, mechanical, structural, and surveying services through on-call contracts. A selection of projects include the following:

  • SLC-4 Erosion Repair
  • VAFB West Housing/Expansion Area
  • Renovations/Utility Mark Outs
  • As-Built Utility Locations
  • Automotive Skills Center
  • Construct UPS Building VTS
  • Corrosion Control at Hazard Waste Tank, Bldgs 344, 341, 346, and 340
  • Dorm Beautification
  • El Rancho Road Improvements
  • Facility Design for Boiler in Bldg 8401
  • XUMU 97-1190B Missile Triangle and Entry of Main Gate
  • Parking Lot 10300 and 10317 Reconstruction
  • Restroom Refurbishment
  • South Gate Design
  • Surge Protection System
  • Upgrade Conveyances between Bldgs 2500, 2520, and 3000
  • Ventilation System, Facility 8339
  • Water Distribution Systems Upgrade, Phase I and II
  • Waterline Replacement at Bear Creek Road/Ocean Avenue
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Vandenberg Air Force Base, Lompoc, California

Aerospace / Defense