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The City’s aging wastewater treatment facility was unable to meet the revised discharge standards of the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB). The City received funding from Proposition 50 as well as through an Integrated Regional Water Management Planning Grant (IRWMP). Because of the funding sources, the project was on a compressed schedule and very tight budget.

The project included new headworks, improving and replacing key machinery; a grit removal system which consisted of a new grit classifier and associated piping and controls; conversion of the AIPS pond to a Biolac System, construction of two new integral clarifiers and a new blower aeration system; and new sludge handling facilities. The sludge handling facilities included the installation of a dewatering sludge screw press and new waste activated sludge (WAS) pumps.

Because minimal shut downs of short durations of the plant were allowed during construction, a systematic, a meticulous planning and management process was required to accommodate continual operation of the existing facilities during construction.

As a result of this upgrade, the plant is now in compliance with criteria of Title 22 water re-use and recycling as well as the RWQCB discharge standards. In addition, the plant is better suited for future upgrades.

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