Industrial Wastewater


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Tap It Brewing Company hired Cannon to investigate the existing water usage and discharge parameters at its current location, within the boundaries of the Santa Fe Business Park Owners Association (SFBPOA). Tap It’s lot is designed to have an allocated discharge flow limit of 180 gallons per day, per established Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) of the development, dated May 2000. These CCRs contain specific wastewater discharge volume limits based on the number of employees occupying each of the 16 lots to drain into the sewer disposal system. In order to increase discharge capacities, consultants in the area bought capacity from Fiero Lane Water Company’s (FLWC) Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). SFPBOA (including Tap It) also obtains its water supply from the neighboring FLWC which consists of two tanks and three wells; however, high nitrates content often result in “Do Not Drink” notices.

Technical understanding and evaluation of the water and sewer systems in the area supports full treatment of the current water system for removing Nitrates and other constituents. Because the option of Annexation would require certain discharge requirements, various City connection and impact fees, and future improvements to the existing infrastructure necessary treatment has been stalled. It is Cannon’s recommendation that further evaluation is conducted of the draft Memorandum of Agreement and its impacts to Tap It Brewing Company.

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San Luis Obispo, California

Industrial Wastewater