Natural Gas


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A natural gas distribution utility client drilled two new wells into the “native gas” reservoir underneath their Goleta gas storage facility. The withdrawal of native gas would enhance the existing field operations by expanding the total reservoir storage capacity. To determine if this reservoir could be a productive source of natural gas, the client wanted to flow test from the new well. This required temporary gas processing equipment and piping to extract, process/dehydrate, compress, and meter the gas to send into their existing withdrawal gathering network.

Cannon was selected to assist the client’s engineering group with designing the temporary gas processing facility. Cannon provided topographic surveying; 3D laser scanning; process, piping, mechanical, civil, structural engineering design and drafting services; local permitting support; engineering support during construction; and commissioning and start-up support. After the temporary facility was installed, the client was able to complete their 120-day gas flow test and gather important data to help make economic decisions regarding further pursuit of native gas withdrawal at Goleta.

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Goleta, California

Natural Gas