Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering


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The Western Minerals Oil Field was supplied by and metered at 480v power from PG&E. Seneca Resources desired to change the power distribution from 480v to 12.4 kV.  As such, PG&E required Seneca Resources to provide and install a recloser for protection of the 12.4kV system. Cannon was contracted to write a specification for a new recloser and bypass equipment including an overhead air switch and loadbreak fusible disconnect. Additionally, Seneca Resources needed to add load to the existing power system. Because of PG&E’s limited substation facilities, only a certain amount of load was allowed until the substation was upgraded. Cannon provided additional services by analyzing the existing load on the system and assisted in determining how much, and which loads could be added until PG&E’s upgrades were completed.

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Maricopa, California

Electrical Engineering