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Windset Farms is a Canadian-based company with greenhouse facilities recently constructed in Santa Maria, California. This expansion project was commissioned in three phases comprising of approximately 130 acres with 5.6 million square feet of greenhouse area. Cannon was retained by Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas)/Sempra Energy as an engineering consultant on the second phase of the project to provide an evaluation of the proposed implementation plan for energy conservation measures. In addition, Cannon provided an analysis of five Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) deemed as viable options for the reduction of natural gas consumption at the Phase 2 facility. These EEMs included the following::

  • Insulating Hot Water Tanks
  • Installing Thermal Heat Curtains
  • Using High-Efficiency Hot Water Boilers
  • Installing an Ultra Climate High Performance Air Distribution System
  • Implementing System Approach Savings on Greenhouses.

Cannon prepared a summary report based on analysis results, which included the annual cost savings achievable if Windset Farms implemented these EEMs. The report was selected by the California Public Utility Commission’s Energy Division as a potential case study for the positive impact of EEMs greenhouse operating costs.

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