10th Annual Drive-Thru BBQ is ON!


July 7, 2020, San Luis Obispo, California – In 2011, Cannon’s Well Worth It Campaign (Campaign) launched the Annual Drive-Thru BBQ to raise funds for water wells in developing countries. Since then, more than $130,000 has been raised and countless lives have been changed. This year, despite the global epidemic, the intrepid volunteers behind the Campaign are hosting the 10th Annual Drive-Thru BBQ.

While organizers had hoped to use this year to highlight the positive impacts of the Campaign over the last ten years with additional fundraising and awareness activities, efforts were reduced due to COVID-19.  After careful consideration and research, the team decided to move forward with this year’s BBQ fundraiser but with a limited number of dinners being offered.

“Our amazing community of supporters have been asking if we were going to do the Drive-Thru BBQ fundraiser this year,” shared Liz Moody, Well Worth It Campaign Founder. “We wanted to continue to provide clean water to some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, but also wanted to ensure the health and safety of our supporters.” With a slightly modified approach, the team has found a way to provide a delicious tri-tip dinner for a family of five while reducing risk for the spread of COVID-19. “We are taking serious safety precautions—masks, gloves, social distancing, and are preparing the packaged meals with as little contact as possible.”

This year’s Annual Drive-Thru BBQ is being held on July 30 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at 1050 Southwood Drive, San Luis Obispo. Dinners are being sold for $50 and include a whole cooked tri-tip, beans, bread, salad, and cookies. Due to the limited quantity of dinners, supporters are urged to purchase their dinner early. Purchase dinners here!

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause!