“21st Street for the 21st Century” Article Published!


San Luis Obispo, California, May 22, 2015 – Cannon is pleased to announce that the City of Paso Robles’ 21st Street Project and our role in this award winning project has been featured in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) magazine’s most recent May 2015 issue of Civil Engineering.

To view a pdf of the article, click here: Civil Engineering Magazine, May 2015

It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention”; perhaps, then, obstacles are what breed innovation. The article 21st Street for the 21st Century authors and Cannon’s own in-house associates, Rowe and Kraemer, describe the modern and sustainable methods that Cannon and the 21st Street collaborative team used to transform the challenges of this heavily travelled Paso Robles city street into favorable features, thereby creating the Central Coast’s first Green and Complete Street.

The scarcity of California’s water resources, sustainability demands on the Central Coast, and Cannon’s team of Low Impact Development (LID), Design, and Administrative professionals contributed to the establishment of a high performance landscape that addresses retention and treatment of storm water runoff; reduces flooding water quality and groundwater shortages; and improves drainage on 21st Street. From conceptual design to project completion, 21st Street was converted from a vehicle-focused, flood-susceptible roadway into a multi-functional, multi-modal streetscape. Now 21st Street’s features serve a long-term function that reflects Paso’s surrounding natural landscape and harmonizes with the City’s urban fabric.

Cannon’s contribution, and the 21st Street Improvement Projects’ most sustainable and significant benefit, is the development of a green street model standard that will inspire other communities to consider multi-modal pathways.