33rd Annual SLO Triathlon


San Luis Obispo – On July 22nd, Team Loose Cannons swam, bicycled, and ran in the 33rd Annual SLO Triathlon. In total, 41 Loose Cannon’s came out and gave it their all!

Triathlon newbies alongside seasoned competitors, these weekend warriors displayed tremendous teamwork and extraordinary effort. But at the end of the day, they all had an amazingly fun time! This annual event encapsulates what it means to be a Loose Cannon: taking on a challenge; pushing yourself beyond your limits; and working together as a team.

Of course it wasn’t all about the fun. As an event sponsor, Cannon hosted a booth promoting the Well Worth It Campaign for clean water around the globe. While not competing, Cannon employees raised awareness of the water crisis throughout the world. Cannon’s Well Worth It Campaign teams with Charity:Water to help build water wells to struggling villages in poverty stricken countries. Part of this effort included selling tickets for a drive-thru BBQ that Cannon was hosting on August 1st.

Many people might wonder how Cannon has so many athletes and competitors making up the Loose Cannon team. The answer? The Loose Cannons thrive on team building, excitement and challenge; it’s not about winning or even being an athlete, it’s about pushing oneself to achieve a personal goal, to complete a personal best. And the best part of it? You aren’t doing it alone, you’ve got everyone else backing you up! For more information go to https://cannoncorp.us/about/loose-cannons/.