A Little Background on the Well Worth It Campaign


In 2010, Cannon took the idea of community outreach one step further and created the “Well Worth It” Campaign, through which Cannon raises awareness and funds for clean drinking water projects around the globe.

As engineers, planners, and surveyors, we got into this industry to build things and make a difference in the world. And, we do: Designing and constructing needed infrastructure projects in the communities in which we live. However, to affect lives on a global scale requires a different level of effort. To know that millions of people live without water – one of the basic necessities and something we take for granted – is mind-blowing. That is why, in November of 2010, Cannon decided to take initiative and begin the “Well Worth It” campaign. In less than two months, through a grass roots effort, we raised over $10,000 through donations, enough to build two wells in Ethiopia, through the charitable organization Charity: Water.

Every year it is our goal to raise enough funds to build two wells. To date, we’ve raised close to $39,000. To donate or learn more about our current campaign, click here. To date, we’ve raised more than $26,000 to build four wells and helped fund a drilling rig!

If you’d like to join us in this campaign and change lives around the globe, click here:

To read more about the 2010 “Well Worth It” Campaign, click here:

To find out more about Charity.Water, click here:

And, yes, we have checked into Charity.Water as a charitable organization and believe they are a trust-worthy organization. They received an “A” grade from the group Charity Watch, an organization set up specifically to research and rank charitable organizations. Part of the reason we selected Charity:Water as the organization to sponsor was based on the how much of every donation is given to the water projects: 100% of public donations. They can do this because they have a group of private donors that cover the operating expenses. Want to verify for yourself? We would too, so click here: