We don’t just live in the community, we live the community.  That means participating in community events, supporting local groups and charities, and giving through service. Although no one can do everything,  everyone can do something. Some of the charitable events we have organized and participated in are: Cooking and serving meals at local homeless shelters, organizing food drives for the local food banks, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, regularly sending our troops serving overseas care packages, organizing reuse sales with items donated by our employees and giving the proceeds to charity, and organizing blood drives. In addition to our Well Worth It Campaign we contribute to dozens of charities annually.

Cannon is an active partner both locally and globally.


Since 1976, Cannon has always felt that it was important to give back to the community. This commitment is evident not only in the company’s charitable donations through the years, but also through a general philanthropic spirit held by employees of the firm.

It is not unusual for groups or individuals of the company to spend their off-work hours donating time, skills or funds to help enrich the lives of others. Please take some time to look at some of the ways that Cannon and our employees have helped to make the world a bit brighter!

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In 2010, Cannon took the idea of community outreach one step further and created the “Well Worth It” Campaign, through which Cannon raises awareness and funds for clean drinking water projects around the globe.

In less than two months, through a grass roots effort, we raised over $10,000 through donations, enough to build two wells in Ethiopia, through the charitable organization Charity: Water.

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