Well Worth It - Our Story


As engineers, planners, and surveyors, we thrive on finding solutions to problems. We do that by designing and constructing needed infrastructure projects in our communities. However, to affect lives on a global scale requires a different level of effort.

Since the inception of Well Worth It in 2010, we have made it our goal to at least match if not succeed the previous years’ donations. We have partnered with the charitable organization charity: water to make this goal a reality. With your help, we can fund even more wells and continue to change lives.

Well 1Providing communities with clean water presents a vast amount of opportunities. Clean water gives children in developing nations the opportunity to attend school and get an education. With education, communities are able to raise strong leaders, making it possible to break the cycle of poverty and allow future generations to improve their quality of life.

We find it shocking that more people are killed every year from unsafe, disease ridden water and lack of basic sanitation, than from all forms of violence, including war. Those who suffer the most are children, whose bodies are unable to fight extreme dehydration and the loss of valuable nutrients. As a result of water-related illness and unhygienic living conditions, children under the age of five make up about 90% of the 30,000 deaths that devastate the world every week.

We hold the power to keep more children alive, as improvements in water supply and the availability of sanitation training can help to lift the world’s disease burden.

In our quest to initiate change and gain community support, Cannon hosts a variety of fundraising events, including our annual Drive-Thru BBQ, Pancake Breakfast, and Oktoberfest. We are a group of individuals who pride ourselves on serving both our local and global communities, and look forward to sharing our excitement with you!

If you’d like to join us in this campaign and change lives around the globe visit, Well Worth It’s charity:water page.

To read more about what the “Well Worth It” Campaign has accomplished, visit Cannon Funds Water Wells in Ethiopia


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