Loose Cannons


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; Jill too. While we work hard, we play hard too. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not all athletes. That’s not what Loose Cannons is about. It’s about doing things together, as a team, that we might not try on our own. Year after year we go beyond where we thought we could, stretching our minds and bodies (and hamstrings) with extreme challenges.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Can I be a Loose Cannon?” That depends. What’s your capacity for challenge and excitement?

Want to climb the cable at Half Dome? Ever think of enduring 24 hours of extreme terrain and 128 degree heat in the Mojave Desert? How about coming along on a quick 200+ ride from Santa Monica to San Luis Obispo?

Just ask yourself: Do you want to just have a job or do you want to accomplish great feats, bigger than anything you could have imagined doing on your own. That’s what Loose Cannons is all about.