Bob Stets to Become In-House Counsel for Cannon


San Luis Obispo, California, August 6, 2015 – Cannon today announced that the company’s CFO, Bob Stets, has decided to retire from the Chief Financial Officer position in September, starting a transition over the next several months.Bob Stets

“Bob Stets has been a very strong team member.  His business acumen and operations knowledge have helped the firm grow and thrive through challenging times and market transitions,” said Mike Cannon, President and CEO of Cannon. “I am thankful for his innumerable contributions to the firm and his tenure as CFO over the last four years.”

“I will truly miss daily interaction with talented professionals who care about their work, their community and each other,” Stets said. “Of all the places I have worked, Cannon has by far the best work environment and culture. It is remarkably free of the politics and the cutthroat competition that stifles collaboration in so many companies.”

While, Stets had been planning to semi-retire in early 2016, the transition has been accelerated as a result of finding a successor as CFO, Bruce Ray, faster than had been anticipated.  Stets will be moving to a part-time position as In-House Counsel for Cannon.

“I’m pleased to have found an exceedingly qualified candidate for my replacement in Bruce Ray. Knowing he will be taking my place as CFO allows me to move into this semi-retirement phase with more ease, “ Stets said.

While this is not yet retirement for Stets, he is planning some new adventures and is interested in pursuing some hobbies that have been put aside: “I plan to travel extensively with my wife, Amy, taking advantage of the ability to be away more than 10 days at a time, something we could never do previously with full-time jobs and family obligations.”