Cannon Awarded Construction Management For Guadalupe Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade


Cannon was selected to provide Construction Management servicesfor the City of Guadalupe’s Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade.

Through the voter-approved Integrated Regional Water Management Planning Grant (IRWMP) – Proposition 50 – the City of Guadalupe is upgrading their treatment facility, which is a $4.75 million project.  This project will bring the City’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) into compliance with the RWQCB permit; prepare the City for future upgrades, such as meeting the criteria of Title 22 water re-use and recycling; and make operation and maintenance easier.

To meet specific requirements, Cannon’s construction management and inspection team must work within a compressed timeline and very tight budget.  The scope of work on this project includes upgrading headworks, improving and replacing key machinery; grit removal system with associated piping and controls; AIPS pond conversion to Biolac System, construction of two new integral clarifiers and a new blower aeration system; and sludge handling facilities.  The sludge handling facilities include a dewatering sludge screw press and new waste (WAS) activated sludge pumps.

Since the WWTP cannot afford many shut downs, Cannon is implementing a systematic, meticulous planning and management process to accommodate continual operation of the existing facilities during construction.