Cannon to Support Diablo Canyon Power Plant with Facility Safety Improvements


In response to the events at Fukushima, Diablo Canyon and other nuclear power plants around the globe are improving emergency response preparedness. While the majority of DCPP’s emergency equipment can be airlifted to the plant from a remote location it is critical that the plant house required emergency equipment. In emergencies like a major earthquake, Diablo Canyon must have the ability to maintain plant stability with local resources for 48 hours following such an event.

Warehouse Bravo, the local DCPP facility responsible for storing said equipment, is one of several facilities undergoing planned upgrades. Because of the coastal location and strict regulatory restrictions, the existing storage facility could not be removed and replaced with a new structure. To accomplish the existing structure’s upgrade objectives and help safeguard the nuclear site in the event of seismic activity, DCPP has retained the services of Cannon’s structural engineering team.

The Bravo facility’s intended use will include the plant’s fire station, emergency equipment storage, and office space. The building is also designed with an innovative safety feature to serve as an alternative through-access point to the plant site in case of emergencies that compromise use of the plant’s standard entrance route.