Engineers Raise Funds for Two More Water Well in Africa


In October, employees of Cannon celebrated two major milestones: the one-year anniversary of their Well Worth It campaign and meeting their goal to raise funds for two more water wells in Africa.

The campaign began when a few employees were discussing the need for water wells in developing countries. “As engineers, we work on large-scale, complicated water projects all the time,” said Jeff Spannbauer, a Senior Associate Engineer and Water Resources Specialist at Cannon. “To learn that nearly a billion people are living without access to clean, safe drinking water was particularly striking to us. We felt like we had to do something.” And, now, just one year later, Cannon has raised $21,065 to fund clean water projects.

After our initial success of raising $10,000 in 2010, we knew that the goal of building two wells in 2011 was a bit ambitious,” said Liz Moody, Cannon’s Marketing Director.  “We were truly inspired by the generosity and support we received from the community.  Because of the outpouring of support, we hit our target two months before our deadline.  Funds continue to flow in and we’ve started a third fund for 2011.”

How did they meet their goal?  Cannon sponsored different fundraising events throughout the year.  Initiatives included two garage sales, a drive-thru barbecue, and a jewelry sale.

Plans for future fundraising events are already underway.