file transfer


Cannon FTP Site Instructions (141K PDF)

You can view, download or upload files through the WEB interface or FTP link depending on Type of access you have been granted.

The typical rights assigned are:
Read Only – Allows downloading and viewing files.
Read and Write – Allows downloading and uploading files.

This first link is a Web Front-End designed to ease use of the Cannon FTP site and is the preferred method to transfer files.

Basic Web Client link

Cannon FTP Site Instruction

Once logged in you will see the following “Basic” web client. From here you can select and download files, create directories (only if you have Read and Write access) and view files. Click the help icon if you need additional instructions or guidance.

Cannon FTP Site Instruction

You may also use traditional FTP if you prefer to use an FTP client or a web browser that supports FTP. You can get a free FTP client here

Traditional FTP address:

If you require assistance please e-mail [email protected] or call 805-544-7407 and ask for the HELPDESK.