June 2005 – Loose Cannons Survive the Mojave Death Race


Yes, we said “Death Race.” It’s that extreme. With temperatures soaring into the 120 degree range, keeping the body cool can be difficult.

Now try running, mountain biking, and road biking 287 miles in anywhere from soft desert sand to hard packed dirt, paved roads and dirt roads, rocks, gravel, and weathered asphalt. This is a team relay where you don’t just hope you have support from your team – your life depends on it.

For three years, Team Loose Cannons took the Death Race Challenge and beat the extremes. Anywhere from 25 to 45 friends, family, and coworkers trained, planned, and set out to compete against other teams, the environment, as well as their own self doubt. Each year we came back feeling more alive than ever before.