Local meteorologist helped raise funds for clean water


PG&E’s John Lindsey joined forces with Cannon Corp. for annual fundraiser

Taking a break from his winter forecasts, Central Coast meteorologist and weather columnist John Lindsey traded in his radar for a spatula on Valentine’s Day to help raise funds for water wells in developing nations.

The Well Worth It Campaign, launched by Cannon in 2010, hosted their 5th Annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser with food by Popolo Catering and coffee supplied by Lucy’s Coffee.

While Lindsey has written much about our recurring drought conditions, access to clean water remains an issue in many parts of the world. The Well Worth It campaign has raised enough money to fund the construction of more than 20 wells worldwide. Those wells help eliminate water-related illnesses, which are a serious health issue in underdeveloped countries like Ethiopia.

The morning’s efforts resulted in over $1,700 in funds raised. This equates to 85 people now having access to water in their local village.

To find out more about Cannon’s Well Worth It Campaign, visit their website at www.WellWorthIt.CannonCorp.us.