Pancakes for Water


In February, Cannon hosted its annual Pancake Breakfast to kick off the first Well Worth It fundraiser of 2024! The Pancake Breakfast has become a heartwarming tradition that brings joy to participants and fosters a spirit of generosity in our community.

Central to the event were the Pancake Breakfast Kits, carefully curated packages containing all the essentials for a delightful pancake experience. Each kit contained pancake mix, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and Valentine’s goodies, perfectly portioned for four people.

By the end of the fundraiser, the generosity of participants had surpassed expectations. Over 110 Pancake Breakfast Kits were sold, with 35 donated to local families and veterans, raising over $2,400 for clean water projects with charity: water.

Cannon is extremely grateful to all who participated in the Well Worth It Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser! A big thank you for all your support for clean water projects around the globe.