Camp San Luis Obispo 17.5 Mile Boundary Survey

The California Army National Guard selected Cannon to execute a cadastral boundary survey and related services for the North-Easterly, Easterly, and South-Easterly boundaries for Camp San Luis Obispo.

The scope of work included a Dependent Resurvey and Subdivision of Sections within the Public Land Survey System of the East side of Camp San Luis Obispo (approx. 17.5 miles) and setting approximately 40 to 50 survey monuments. The scope of work also included the delineation and monumentation of the Railroad Right-of-Way and the Chorro Creek segment of the subject easterly Camp boundary.

Specifically, Cannon provided title and boundary research to recover pertinent historical land records necessary for the accurate retracement and establishment of the boundaries of ownership; performed a field boundary resurvey in accordance with applicable sections of the State of California Business and Profession Code (Land Surveyor’s Act), BLM Manual of Instructions for the Survey of Public Lands Surveys and ACSM/NSPS minimum Accuracy Standards for Survey Measurements Controlling Land Boundaries; as well as performed boundary analysis and comparative calculations of the field evidence and record information to determine the boundaries of the subject lands.


San Luis Obispo, California

Key Elements

  • Survey and Mapping
  • Right of Way / Boundary Survey
  • Title and Boundary Research
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