Blacklake Sewer System Consolidation

The Nipomo Community Services District initiated the Blacklake Sewer System Consolidation project to combine two of their wastewater service areas (Blacklake and Town Sewer Service Areas) to increase system efficiency and long-term financial savings. Cannon was selected to prepare topographic survey, preliminary design, construction plans, and technical specifications for the project.

The Blacklake Sewer Service Area had been treated by the Blacklake Water Reclamation Facility, and the Town Sewer Service Area by the Southland Wastewater Treatment Facility. The project included combining these two service areas and decommissioning the Blacklake Water Reclamation Facility. To convey higher volumes of raw wastewater more efficiently from both service areas to the recently modernized Southland Wastewater Treatment Facility, the District recognized the need for a new lift station and force main.

The three major components of the project included a new lift station, a new force main, and decommissioning of the Blacklake Water Reclamation Facility. The new 160 gpm lift station design includes a wet well; valve vault; site design; odor control measures; and electrical upgrades. The new force main included approximately 4 miles of 6-inch main with pressure cleanouts, combination air/vacuum release assemblies, odor control features, and appurtenances. Finally, the decommissioning required demolition and site restoration plans to successfully maintain service until the new lift station and force mains are operational.


Nipomo, California

Key Elements

  • Survey and Mapping
  • Civil Engineering
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