Camp Roberts Satellite Earth Terminal Station Survey

Cannon was retained by Watts Constructors, LLC to provide land surveying services in support of construction for the Satellite Earth Terminal Station Facility at Camp Roberts. Services included construction staking for various sites surrounding the project including the SAT Comm Ops Building Site, Repair & Utilities Building Site, Command Admin Building Site, MET Site, and Perimeter Fencing.

Staking tasks included verifying and setting horizontal and vertical control; storm water protection barriers; security perimeter fencing and light/camera poles; rough grades; new water tank and connecting lines; retaining and masonry walls with segmented walls and headwalls; storm drain inlets, line, MH’s, and CO’s; sewer lines, laterals, manholes, and clean-outs; water (chilled/hot) including fire water, lines, valves, and hydrants; building layout (corners, gridlines, and caisson locations); leach fields and lines; dry utilities (electrical lines, boxes, parking lighting, and power poles); antenna arrays (foundations and orientation azimuth marks); final grades for roadways; and project management, coordination of quality control/assurance, and administration.


San Miguel, California

Key Elements

  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Construction Staking
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control
  • Rough and Final Grades
  • Dry Utilities
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