Compressor Station Electrical and Controls Migration

As part of a major compressor upgrade project, a natural gas distribution utility client installed new infrastructure at their station, including a compressor plant, natural gas generators, operations building, and power distribution centers. The new generators replaced the existing generators to provide power to the entire station, and one of the aging plants was decommissioned. This station is an integral part of the client’s natural gas transmission system by compressing gas from out-of-state producers and delivering to the greater Los Angeles region.

Because the final stage of the project included both new and existing equipment, the power and control systems were integrated for a cohesive compressor station. This required migration of power to existing loads at the current compressor plants as well as migration of auxiliary equipment from existing motor control centers to the new power distribution centers fed from the new generators. The controls and communications from the existing plants also moved to the new operations building to allow staff to monitor and control the entire station from one central hub.

Cannon provided project engineering, electrical design, instrumentation and controls design, foundations and structural design, construction drawing development, specifications and quotes for long-lead equipment, and material take-offs to support the project front end engineering and design.


Blythe, California

Key Elements

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Automation and Controls
  • Structural Engineering
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