Grover Beach Train Station Expansion

To improve regional, multi-modal transportation and provide connections to key destinations, the City of Grover Beach secured federal funding to expand bus and vehicle access, parking, and loading areas for the City of Grover Beach Train Station. To increase safety, this project also relocated the station’s ingress and egress further away from the busy Grand Avenue-Highway 1 intersection.

The City selected Cannon to provide construction management and inspection services as well as materials engineering, sampling, and testing for the project. New features for the site included grading; paving; landscaping; site lighting; signage/striping; and installing curbs, gutters, sidewalk, storm drains, water and sewer lines, driveways, a retaining wall, and furnishings and amenities. Off-site improvements included paving, concrete curbs and gutters, pavement markings and striping, and storm drain features.

The project took place in the following three phases: pre-construction, including a review of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention and Control Programs for the Regional Water Quality Control Board; construction, which included traffic safety management; and construction closeout. Materials installed on the project, specific documentation, and required reporting adhered to Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual standards.

Funding sources included a Congestion Management Air Quality Grant, grant funds from State Proposition 1B, and the Regional Surface Transportation Program. The project resulted in unique, welcoming, and accessible facilities that accommodate train-users, pedestrians, buses, and vehicles in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner.


Grover Beach, California

Key Elements

  • Construction Management
  • Inspection
  • Materials Engineering, Sampling, and Testing
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