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The City of Grover Beach needed to improve streets for the voter-approved Measure K (K-14) program. The project involved traffic calming and pedestrian safety measures, which included pavement structure, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, ancillary facilities such as landscaping and irrigation, lighting features and structures, accessible corner ramps, striping, and medians. Cannon provided the City Council with alternatives for narrowing concepts to reduce construction and maintenance costs.

Newport Avenue was initially part of the overall roadway rehabilitation construction documents but was later moved to a standalone project. Cannon was selected to provide design, bidding, and construction phase support services. Additional design considerations included grading and drainage improvements for 46 traffic calming bulb-outs, improvements to pedestrian travel, methods to reduce construction costs, and modifications to the existing roadway alignment and cross slopes including design of a chicane and a 1-mile roadway rehabilitation. The restriping of roadway also included parking-protected and buffered bike lanes.

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Grover Beach, California

Bike Infrastructure
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