Nutmeg Water Distribution Tank Rehabilitation

The City of Morro Bay identified the need for 1 million gallons of additional storage at the Nutmeg Tank site (existing tank storage volume was 140,000 gallons). This was necessary to increase the storage volume in the Nutmeg pressure zone and eliminate the need for the Vashon Booster Pump Station.

The Vashon Booster Pump Station was a longtime operations and maintenance (O&M) hassle for the City and was eliminated through installing piping improvements. The project included environmental, geotechnical exploration, and right of way services.

The City selected Cannon to provide preliminary design for the Nutmeg Tank Replacement, elimination of the Vashon Pump Station, and support with water pipelines and facilities. In addition to these improvements, several other needs were identified as part of the project, including impacted pipeline replacements, the Elena Booster Pump Station upgrades, and various sewer and stormwater pipeline replacements. We provided project management, preliminary engineering, property acquisition, and permitting support.


Morro Bay, California

Key Elements

  • Civil Engineering
  • Permitting Support
  • Surveying and Mapping
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