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Watershed Management


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Since the 1950’s, the coastal community of Oceano had experiencing chronic flooding during storm events due to insufficient storm drain capacity. The flooding was compounded by the Arroyo Grande Creek’s reduced capacity over time from sedimentation and dense vegetation growth. The Oceano Drainage Improvement Project sought to solve roadway flooding by evaluating the hydrology of the region and engineering new storm drain improvements to effectively convey rainfall runoff into their natural drainage channels, away from Oceano’s streets and neighborhoods.

Two locations in Oceano experienced the heaviest flooding: 13th Street at Highway 1 and 17th-19th Street at Highway 1. To alleviate these drainage issues, the County of San Luis Obispo (the County) selected Cannon to design and engineer new storm drain improvements. The design called for new storm drain facilities near and around the intersection of Highway 1 at 13th and Paso Robles Street, additional storm drain facilities within 15th street and the Paso Robles Street intersection, a concrete sedimentation basin in the RV Storage Lot near Arroyo Grande Creek, a box culvert through the Arroyo Grande Creek levee, and roadside infiltration systems within the existing residential community.

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Oceano, California

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Watershed Management