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Commercial Development


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The City of Santa Ana continues to evolve into a thriving cultural and urban center paving the way for vertical urbanization and profitable opportunities in residential, retail, medical, hotel and mixed-use developments. One Broadway Plaza (“The One”) will represent one of the most significant Class-A office development opportunities on the West Coast. Towering in at an impressive 493 feet, this iconic building will be the tallest superstructure in Orange County and will feature over 615,000 square-feet of office space in 37 stories.

Cannon provided survey and civil engineering services for the preliminary project design, due diligence, and construction documents for the office building, including a three-level parking structure and major off-site roadway improvements on several streets and intersections in downtown Santa Ana.

Elements of Cannon’s design included major street vacation improvements; additional lane on the main street of Sycamore, between 10th Street and Washington Avenue; 10th Street, Broadway Street, and Main Street included conversion to a one-way eastbound; and improvements of Washington Avenue, between Broadway Street and Main Street, were converted to a one-way westbound flow; six major intersection modifications to satisfy environmental conditions, which included four traffic signal modifications and two new traffic signal designs. At each intersection, a required right-turn lane was added, which included right-of-way engineering, coordination with parcel owners and clients for additional right-of-way acquisitions, and design and coordination with the City staff.

The project included an I-5 off-ramp redesign, per Caltrans requirements, that requires a Caltrans Permit.  The redesign of this off-ramp was designed and coordinated with Caltrans staff and necessary Caltrans approvals were obtained.

This project requires the relocation of existing dry utilities along 10th Street, Washington Street, Broadway Street, and Sycamore Street. All wet and dry utilities in Sycamore Street were also relocated so that it could be vacated. Cannon provided necessary coordination with Edison Southern California Gas, AT&T, and the City for water and sewer relocations.

Survey services included ALTA survey map, lot line adjustment, final tract map, and aerial strip topography for traffic mitigation study. Cannon helped expedite the coordination process through the City of Santa Ana for street vacationing, realigned public streets, and ten left- and right-turn pockets.

Cannon was responsible for civil engineering services, including rough grading plan, precise grading, water and sewer, storm drainage plan, hydrology and hydraulic studies, horizontal control plan, utility relocation, street improvement, survey, and mapping.

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Commercial Development