Laser Scanning and 3D Model for Building Retrofit

Our client purchased a commercial building with the intention of converting it into a mixed-use development. The three-story building features a combination of office, retail, and restaurant uses. Cannon was selected to assist with 3D scanning and modeling for this adaptive reuse project.

Cannon provided a complete 3D laser scan survey using FARO x330 Scanner and FARO Scene software to register the point clouds. Cannon used Autodesk Revit building information modeling software to create a 3D Model that included the interior wall surfaces on each floor, the interior floors, column supports and beams, ceilings, and stairwells.

Cannon’s scope of work included establishing horizontal and vertical control to register the multiple scans, on-site coordination to confirm key structural components were included in the scanning data collection, creation of a project database to list the individual point clouds, 360° photos, a scan region definitions exhibit, and a fully featured REVIT model.


Los Angeles, California

Key Elements

  • 3D Scanning and Modeling
  • Horizontal and Vertical Controls
  • Project Database
  • REVIT Model
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