On-Call Automation & Electrical Design Engineer

Cannon was selected to be an on-call automation and electrical design engineer for Golden State Water Company (GSWC) for an indefinite term. As such, we have provided the following services: SCADA and electrical engineering services, water system design, groundwater impact analysis, plans and specification preparation, water system upgrades, facility master planning, and regulatory compliance support. As part of our on-call agreement, Cannon has worked of the following projects:

SCADA System Assessment and Cyber Security Evaluations: Cannon conducted field investigations across seven districts and 37 service areas to provide an in-depth assessment of existing SCADA infrastructure. We evaluated the hardware, software, telemetry, and instrumentation against industry best practices. Additionally, GSWC selected Cannon to conduct cyber-security evaluations to determine the security posture and opportunities for improved protection of their system.

10-Year SCADA Master Plan: As part of the project, Cannon followed-up the SCADA Assessment with a SCADA Master Plan. We used the information collected during the SCADA assessment project to develop a 10-year road map for SCADA planning across the company. The SCADA Master Plan identified the following standards and actions:

  • Company standardized SCADA templates;
  • Company cyber-security recommendations and implementation matrix;
  • Company disaster recovery plan;
  • Company staffing plan; and a
  • Company SCADA execution plan.


Various Locations, California

Key Elements

  • SCADA Assessment
  • SCADA Master Plan
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