Pinewood Plant Reservoir

Golden State Water Company (GSWC) installed a 42-foot diameter steel reservoir and booster pump station at their facility in Tanglewood, California. The project included three major components: constructing a new reservoir; installing a booster pump station; and adding a generator and sound-attenuating fence. GSWC selected Cannon to provide inspection services during the construction phase of the Pinewood facility’s steel reservoir and booster pump station.

Cannon attended pre-construction meetings and reviewed GSWS project documents. Cannon’s construction inspection team provided support on contractor RFIs and reported directly to GSWC personnel. Additionally, Cannon reviewed contractor submittals and coordinated with the contractor regarding construction schedule.

Cannon provided inspection services for the on-site work as proposed in the plans and specifications, including foundations, coatings, and cathodic protection system; safety and structural modifications; and the tank, booster pump station, and generator. Cannon observed pressure testing and disinfection of the water main and appurtenances, recorded observations of relevant pressure testing, and monitored disinfection. Cannon’s inspector was responsible for providing quality control for tank construction, notifying GSWC of work provided outside of the project scope, monitoring materials brought on-site to confirm compliance with approved submittals, and confirming that the site was kept clean, safe, and organized.

Cannon also maintained a detailed set of record drawings throughout the project. For future locating purposes, Cannon recorded locations of underground fittings relative to stationary facilities. Cannon provided daily work reports with photographs and notes on construction activities, materials, equipment, incidentals, visitors, and project milestones. At substantial project completion, Cannon attended a walk-through at the project site with the contractor and GSWC personnel.


Tanglewood, California

Key Elements

  • Document Review
  • RFI’s
  • Contractor Submittal Review
  • Inspection Services
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