Pismo Beach Bluff Stabilization

As part of a $2.3 million effort, the City of Pismo Beach took emergency action to stabilize eroding bluffs in Shell Beach and prevent future bluff failure. The stabilization efforts effectively protected a sewage pumping station—failure of which would cause approximately 500 to 600 homes to be without sewage services.

Cannon provided on-site observation and construction management services. Cannon’s scope included daily reports of construction activities; reviewing pay requests and change orders; coordinating with design engineers and construction contractors on the City’s behalf; coordinating public complaints; and confirming work was done according to plans, City standards, and safely.

The stabilization effort targeted two locations: the sewer pumping station and public-access stairway at Vista del Mar Avenue and Ocean Boulevard, and a section of Ocean Boulevard between Wawona and Capistrano Avenues. To enhance aesthetic appeal and maintain visual continuity, the new seawall was sculpted and stained to fit in with the natural bluffs and anchored into bedrock at the base of the bluff.

The project was funded through a variety of sources, including funds from maintenance projects the City had deferred; general fund reserves; and Federal and State funds, including $865,000 from the State Department of Boating and Waterways.


Pismo Beach, California

Key Elements

  • On-site Observation
  • Construction Management
  • Daily Reports
  • Change Order Review
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