Wastewater Treatment Plant Arc Flash Analysis

Mammoth Community Water District (MCWD) selected Cannon to conduct an arc flash hazard analysis, provide hazard labels, and provide a coordination study with recommended trip settings for the wastewater treatment plant’s switchboards, motor control centers (MCC), panels, and disconnects.

Cannon conducted detailed field investigations with MCWD to develop accurate, single-line diagrams; created models for the data collected in the field; and conducted an arc flash hazard analysis, per National Fire Protection (70E-2018) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (1584A-2004, and 1584-2002) guidelines.

We created single-line diagrams and scenarios to calculate the worst-case arc flash hazard using SKM PowerTools analysis software. We created arc flash hazard labels for the MCC, switchboard, panel, and disconnects based on the calculated worst-case incident energy level. The labels indicated incident energy level, arc flash boundary, approach boundaries, and safe working distance, per industry safety code. Cannon provided MCWD a report summarizing analyses and findings for their review and records.


Mammoth, California

Key Elements

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
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