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The Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD), located in Jurupa Valley, California is interested in potentially installing solar power at two reservoir sites and their headquarters. The District contracted Cannon to explore the feasibility of solar power at the three sites. The Study includes conceptual layouts, available SCE programs, environmental constraints, and a business case evaluation (BCE). The BCE is calculates life cycle cost analysis for multiple alternatives. The alternatives may include installing solar panels by the District, contracting with a power provider via power purchase agreement (a vendor installs and operates the solar panels and the District purchases the power), or leasing the property to a power provider (a vendor produces power at the site and sells it to SCE, then pays the District to lease the site). The headquarters site location may wish to install solar panels on top of the main facility building and maintenance building as well as install car ports with solar panels.

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Jurupa, California

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