Natural Gas


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Cannon was selected by a natural gas distribution utility client to provide engineering services for upgrading their water distribution system. The client’s “raw” (well) water distribution system is located at a compressor station and primarily provides makeup water to the evaporative cooling systems throughout three plants at the station. The utility water is used for process makeup, showers, and pool water. The system needed to be upgraded as part of an overall compressor station modernization, which included the addition of a fourth plant and new generators. The scope of work included installing new water softening and pumping equipment to provide a blend of raw and soft “treated” water to station utility and cooling water systems. This helped reduce scaling and corrosion of existing equipment and increased throughput to accommodate new system loads. Cannon provided project engineering, piping design, foundations and structural design, and construction drawing development. Cannon supported the project from conceptual design through to construction, start-up, and commissioning.

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Blythe, California

Natural Gas