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An exploration and production (E&P) client planned to re-develop a 1- square mile lease near their existing production operations at the San Ardo Oil Field. Over the course of the development, up to 350 wells would be drilled and produced on the lease. Cannon was chosen to optimize the civil plan for the new development, which consisted of developing well pads, siting the central processing, and planning the associated access roads. The project site was mostly undeveloped hilly land with some existing roads and several identified “blue lines” waterways. In order to create the well pads, some hills needed to be cut and some valleys needed to be filled. The amount and order of these cut and fill operations, as well as ancillary civil work such as staging, and roads could have greatly affected the civil costs. The goal was to develop an optimal civil plan, considering the quantity of earth moved, the order of operations, environmental impact, and costs and capabilities of the civil construction partners. Cannon further supported the planning efforts by assigning surface locations to bottom hole locations, once well pads were determined.                            

Project Accomplishments

  • Provided grading and site layout exhibits for project capitalization estimates and permitting
  • Reduced proposed cut/fill earthwork quantities by nearly 50% from early estimates (non-optimized standard well pad layout), which would save client significant cost during construction
  • Convinced project stakeholders to move forward with next phase of project
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San Ardo, California