WateReuse Takes On Water Walk Challenge


During the WateReuse Association’s Newport Beach, California conference many attendees found Cannon’s Water Walk Challenge to be more than just Well Worth It! With over 450 water specialists in attendance, the purpose of this conference was to promote sustainable water recycling and desalination processes. As one of many attending organizations, Cannon participated not only through insightful presentations, but also by hosting a Water Walk Challenge booth!

The booth showcased Cannon’s Well Worth It campaign by challenging attendees to walk a short distance while toting up to 80lbs of water in jerry cans. By doing so, all in attendance were exposed to the worldwide water crises and asked to “walk in her shoes.” Through statistics, graphics, and discussions, Cannon brought a broader awareness to the global crisis.

To know that most young girls and women in underdeveloped countries spend hours every day carrying water many miles is shocking, especially when it is something so many take for granted, mentioned Liz Moody, Cannon representative.
More than 60 conference attendees took the Water Walk Challenge. In doing so, the event helped raise over $400 toward clean water projects.