6th Annual Well Worth It Drive-Thru BBQ a HUGE Success!


This year’s Well Worth It Drive-Thru BBQ fundraiser was a watershed event for a number of reasons. More dinners were sold than ever before: 406. For the first time ever, Well Worth It sold out of dinners. And, the best part? More than $11,000 was raised, the largest amount during one fundraising effort than ever before.

“I am just so inspired to see how our community has stepped up to embrace Well Worth It’s cause,” stated Liz Moody, Cannon’s Marketing Director and co-founder of Cannon’s Well Worth It Campaign. “Every year we’ve increased the number of dinners we’ve sold, but this is the first time that we’ve ever actually sold out of dinners.” BBQThankYouInfoGraphic 2016

Cannon’s Well Worth It Campaign began in 2010 when Liz and a group of Cannon’s engineers learned about the global water crisis and decided to take action to make a difference. Since then, through fundraising efforts and the start of a Corporate Sponsorship program, more than $85,000 has been raised, enough to fund more than 17 wells in developing countries.

What is more encouraging is that local families benefited from this fundraiser as well! For the fourth year in a row, Well Worth It has partnered with CAPSLO to provide local families in need with delicious BBQ dinners! Supporters purchasing meals also had the option to donate dinners to CAPSLO families. This year, a whopping 70
dinners were donated to local families and another 14 were donated to local veterans.

Cannon would like to thank everyone who contributed to this year’s BBQ. Individuals and businesses throughout SLO County contributed to the BBQ’s success and raising awareness and funds for this global and local cause.

For more information about Cannon’s Well Worth It campaign, or to learn more about the growing water crisis abroad, visit our website at WellWorthIt.CannonCorp.us. Be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s Drive-Thru BBQ on July 26, 2016 and purchase your ticket today!