Central Coast Branch APWA honors Cal Poly Fremont Slope Stabilization Project


Cannon’s Cal Poly Fremont Slope Stabilization project has been awarded the APWA Project of the Year in the Disaster Relief >$15m category.

In February of 2017, a 1950’s landslide was reactivated behind Freemont Hall during the heavy 2016-2017 rainy season. The slide forced the immediate evacuation of Fremont Hall, which sat vacant until September 2022. The initial emergency response included surface and subsurface drainage improvements (constructed by Specialty Construction) while the geotechnical engineer in this first phase, Earth Systems, began to characterize the landslide and scope options for stabilization.

In early 2019, the landslide reactivated, and Cannon teamed with the geostructural contractor, Schnabel, and the geotechnical engineer, Yeh and Associates in a collaborative design build team to stabilize the landslide.

In the Summer of 2022, Schnabel completed the installation of the geostructural improvements to stabilize the active slide, and Raminha Construction completed finished grading and drainage improvements. Cannon provided civil engineering construction documents for temporary grading/benching plans, finished hillside grading, drainage, and plans for a permanent export receiving site, and erosion and sedimentation control.

This project has brought the area back to life and has been a success in helping to stabilize the slope behind Cal Poly dorms and improve safety for all involved. Congratulations on your successful project and the recognition you’ve received!