Burrito Breakfast Inspires Bikers to Hit the Pavement



May 14, 2013 – It was an early but rewarding morning at Cannon, which hosted a bike burrito breakfast in honor of National Bike Month. The event fed dedicated individuals biking to work, to school, or in support of the cause.

Cannon welcomed bikers from all over the county, offering burritos from The Breakfast Buzz in San Luis Obispo to help them start the day with a hearty meal. Having served more than 120 bikers, the event was a success, as attendees left fueled and satisfied for the remainder of their rides. The event provided the opportunity to mingle with neighbors and community members, all while enjoying good food.

As a predominant supporter of San Luis Obispo Bike Month, Cannon has participated in several events, including the hosting of another bike affair, Beer Brats and Bikes, earlier this month. Cannon continues to promote sustainability and community participation in Bike Month.