3-D Laser Scanning Saves Banning Justice Center the Cost of Re-design


June 2013 – Cannon recently performed a laser scan as-built survey for the City of Banning Justice Center. This project served to verify the location of exterior and interior walls in reference to structural drawings.

Laser scanning has quickly become the engineering industry’s best-suited technology for developing accurate, highly precise as-built information for use in retrofit and expansion in design-build projects. Implementing high-definition surveys during the construction phase of a project – specifically 2-D, 3-D, or 4-D BIM applications – has proven to deliver an increased number of benefits. Scanning allows for verification of foundation bolts for vertical steel beams, certification of floor and wall tolerances and dimensions, and facilitation of many related aspects of data capture throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Gilbane Building Company enlisted Cannon to perform the laser scan as-built for the Banning Justice Center. Key components for Construction Manager Michael Strobel included verifying any variance of +/- 1/8 inch in the horizontal position of the walls, as well as the extent of any degree of tilt or bow to the nearest 1/8 inch, compared with building plans.

After locating and referencing existing project control points, Cannon’s scanning crew overlaid the highly accurate point cloud scan and -3D model precisely with the building layout plans. As a result, Cannon delivered a 3-D as-built CAD model and certified 2-D as-built drawings, completing all surveying without delaying ongoing construction.

Wall-to-wall and room-to-room as-built dimensions, visual representation of the as-built location and tilt variances, and a record of all control points used in the field scanning work were also provided. This project was completed quickly and efficiently, allowing the City of Banning to bypass potentially high costs of redesign and field change orders. Investment in Cannon’s 3-D laser scanning and precise as-built drawings added value to the project.

Link to live feed construction site video: http://www.courts.ca.gov/facilities-riverside-midcounty.htm.