Work continues on 13th St Bridge


The south side of the 13th Street bridge is sporting a newly widened sidewalk, brick work, fencing and street lights.

“The 13th Street Bridge portion on the south side of the 13th Street Bridge was recently completed,” says Ditas Esperanza, capital projects engineer for the city of Paso Robles. “Work on the north side is now underway and will look like the south side when complete. The 13th Street Bridge portion of the overall project is projected for completion Jan/Feb 2014.”

The remodel of the 13th Street Bridge is only one part of a bigger project. The overall project is to:

Install two left turn lanes at Hwy 46 coming from Bakersfield
Widen the southbound ramp at Hwy 101 to receive the 2 left turn lanes
Install a new southbound ramp at Hwy 101 at 17th Street
Relocate the old southbound off ramp at Hwy 101 that was at 16th to 17th
Widen 13th Street Bridge and widen curb ramps at Riverside to allow truck traffic
The overall project is slated to be completed by Summer 2014.