Cannon Joined Millions for Global Water Crisis Awareness


Cannon’s team of volunteers arrived at the beautiful downtown Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa to represent Well Worth It at Walk SLO. The event, sponsored by the Lifewater organization in support of World Water Day, is a local fragment of the global effort to combat inadequate water resources in underdeveloped communities. The annual fundraiser brings awareness to the water crises affecting the lives of millions worldwide. Team Well Worth It was one of many participating groups walking to help fund a lifetime of safe water for 2,500 Ugandan people in the communities of Omito, Amuca, Barapwo, and Anai. 

Without safe water, communities such as those aided by the Walk SLO event lack adequate sanitation and basic hygiene. Due to scare resources, many women and children spend up to four hours each day collecting water for their families, greatly reducing their potential for educational opportunities.

Access to clean, safe drinking water provides not only the kind of basic health protection developed countries often take for granted, but also means more time available for women  and children to attend school, thereby improving their education and granting them a chance to enhance their futures. Clean water can improve nutrition for those vulnerable to illness, and helps rural families overcome poverty. It can even restore peace in conflict regions, prevent unnecessary death and disease, and restore the hope and dignity of millions.