Pancakes for Water

In February, Cannon hosted its annual Pancake Breakfast to kick off the first Well Worth It fundraiser of 2024! The Pancake Breakfast has become a heartwarming tradition that brings joy to participants and fosters a spirit of generosity in our community. Central to the event were the Pancake Breakfast Kits, carefully curated packages containing all the essentials for a delightful

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Latest News

The Cannon Coasters Ride On


July 17, 2020, San Luis Obispo-—From September 18th to the 20th, the Loose Cannons will be taking off on their annual Cannon Coaster Bike Ride. This year the Loose Cannons and their friends will be riding their bikes 180 miles, much of it along Highway 1, from SLO to Malibu. Despite all the uncertainties in the world today, one point...

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Cannon Coasters take on the California Coast


San Luis Obispo-September 13, 2019—Starting September 13, our very own Loose Cannon cyclists are finishing the last leg of their impressive journey along the California Coast. The team of bicycle enthusiasts have conquered five of the six sections. The final length will bring the Coaster team to a total of 1,070 miles. John Evans, lead Cannon Coaster, said about the...

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Way to Go “Loose Cannon” SLO Triathletes!


San Luis Obispo, July 28, 2019—The City of San Luis Obispo’s Parks and Recreation Department celebrated its annual triathlon for the 40th year. Our very own “Loose Cannons” were ready with their swimsuits, bike gear, and running shoes to start the race and represent the fun, active spirit of Cannon! The short course, designed to promote completion rather than competition,...

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5th Annual Cannon Coasters Ride the Redwoods of the Hidden Coast


September 1, 2017 – This year Cannon’s team of cycling enthusiasts, the Cannon Coasters, will traverse the scenic California State Route 254, also known as the Avenue of the Giants, where groves of sequoia tower above the roads of the “hidden coast”. For a total of 182 miles, Coasters will commence the first day of their three-day trip in Myers...

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Loose Cannons Faced Death and Won!


Saturday, July 9, 2016 tested the limits of seven members of Team Loose Cannons as they participated in the 37th Annual Death Ride, Tour of the California Alps. This grueling course challenged riders as they traversed 129 miles and 15,000 feet of climbing over 8,314-foot Monitor, 8,730-foot Ebbetts, and 8,580-foot Carson passes in a test of endurance and of personal goals....

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Loose Cannons Take On the Tour of the California Alps


Recognized as one of the premier cycling events in the West, the Death Ride took Loose Cannons through 129 miles and up 15,000 feet of climbing on the precarious five pass course. With company president Mike Cannon at the helm, this year’s derring-doers included Larry Kraemer, John Evans, Jeff and Angie Spannbauer, Cara Martinez and her sister Meggie Elledge, Jordan...

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Cannon Coasters Take on Northern California Bike Route


-In 2011 we cycled from San Luis Obispo to Santa Monica (the SLOMo). -In 2012 we rode from Santa Cruz to SLO (along the scenic Big Sur coast)....

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Bike Infrastructure Event A Success!


As bicycle enthusiasts, we support our fellow bicyclist through social and educational events in the communities in which we serve. From cycling through northern and central California, to hosting Gear Up Expos to teach others about safety and support local vendors. Take a quick look at this clip from a recent Bike Month Event....

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Just try catching this Loose Cannon


Cannon’s Jon Mungcal is a motorcycle enthusiast. Don’t believe me? Here’s some proof: Thunderhill Raceway in Northern California. Mounted on a custom 2005 SPEARS Racing bike SV650, Jon takes the hairpin turns on this 15-turn course like a pro. Take a minute to see what it really means to go extreme!...

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March of 2013—Mark your calendars!


You’ve seen it on TV: Energetic celebrities and hordes of local volunteers working together to build a house for a deserving family—all in two weeks! Now you have a chance to take part in the excitement and fanfare as the Loose Cannons together with the Home Builders Association take part in the upcoming Blitz Build to benefit Habitat for Humanity!...

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